Jessica Rovanio

Etsy sweet

Etsy sweets | baking exhibition


project description

Etsysweet is a special gathering of Etsy shoppers connecting with bakery lovers into a new Etsy community, creating an intimate relationship that is both physically and virtually satisfying. Etsysweet will visit different baking exhibition around the world to attract bigger customers and bakers. The structure is made out of molded cardboard inspired by cupcake holder.


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key words

Etsy is all about community. It is important to create a fun gathering activities that is intimate and also delicious.



It is a linear activities that is represented in a circular plan. I suggest Etsy shoppers to experience the activities from the first program to get a glimpse of their favorite bakery activities.

form explorations

form explorations

The form is inspired by cupcake holders. I play and experiment with the paper cupcakes holders to shape the shell of my structure.

detailed drawing